Orgone Effects Australia™ EMF Harmonisers: for Personal, Home, Workplace & Travel Use.

Orgone Effects Australia™ EMF Harmonisers are unique in the world; having the ability to harmonize over 30 different types of noxious EMR fields clearing whole buildings and out to the property boundaries.

So what’s going on in your home?

Your home contains over 30 noxious energies emitted from different types of EMR fields being emitted from 5G, Wi-Fi, digital TV’s, Smart Meters, electrical appliances, power lines, and more. These energies create an EMF Field (Electromagnetic Frequency). This EMF field is also created by any Earth Radiation and water contained in a water vein or water pipe that may be running underground on your property.

Now, this is the important bit to know! These EMF Fields create a Positive Charge which is the harmful component to humans and may put stress on our organs and cells. However, it’s not to be frightened by this, but rather to know you can do something about it.

How do Orgone Effects Australia™ EMF harmonisers work?

The Orgone Effects products are emitting a Negative Ion charge that is harmonising the dangerous Positive Charge and neutralising it. Therefore, you have no noxious energy in the home and the environment is returned to homeostasis. It is important to understand the difference between products that are harmonising/neutralising the noxious energies versus products that are only blocking or shielding.

As ‘radiation harmoniser’ the Geoclense ® and Stellar Dome® works by neutralising the noxious ‘Positive Charged’ field from EMF with a healthy ‘Negative Charge’ frequency that neutralises the Positive Charge frequency – the harmful component of any noxious EMF. The field is then in sympathy with the human energy field thus preventing meridian and organ stress and hormone and neurotransmitter imbalances. The resin block, which produces the Negative Charge frequency, is a man-made crystal that has undergone an energising and programming process that is unique to Orgone Effects Australia™.

Our EMF Harmoniser range of products represents 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience and intricate and advanced knowledge of the types of harmful electromagnetic fields which may exist within a given space. The Stellar Dome™ has evolved to be much more than a powerful electrical, 5G and Wi-Fi radiation harmoniser. Over the years, due to the ongoing EMR research, there have been so many more built-in programs added that deal with negative energy imprints; things that you are often not aware of, however, which may be affecting your emotional well-being and ultimately your long-term health.

So what can we do?

Installing a Geoclense ® or  Stellar Dome ® improves and corrects oxygen levels. The Stellar Dome® has been clinically tested and proven for effectiveness by Accredited health professionals worldwide such as Kinesiologists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Bioresonance Practitioners who know how to test an EMR Harmoniser. What they test for is electromagnetic stress on meridians and organs.

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Visiting the Orgone Effects stand for the 1st time in 2009 & discovering the EMF Harmonisers, especially the “Geoclense”, powerfully changed our lives. We are incredibly grateful to have met & remain good friends with Gerard & Leanne Bini.


From the moment I had a reading with Gerard, felt immense relief & validation for EMF sensitivities had pick-up on for the longest time, yet could not explain.

In a down to Earth matter of fact way yet highly intuitive, Gerard educated me by explained a whole lot of EMF phenomena happening in our Sydney Home & why we were experiencing certain health alignments at the time like constant fatigue. He just totally put me at ease.

( In fact I went outside, burst into tears & called my Husband to share the profound insights I just received. Personally it was a powerful experience)

Sensitive’s to Radiation from Smart meter on wall behind our main bedroom, Wifi, Digital TV’s & a high voltage Electrical Transformer Junction across the Street where all Neutralised the instant we plugged in our first Geoclense, back in 2009!

Immediately there was an incredible Quiet & also a visceral feeling of ease & grace. We slept better & overall we were much calmer plus our health actually improved too! That was noticeable to our Doctor, Chiro, Naturopath & Shiatsu therapist.

Nobody comes close to the Service offering that Orgone Effects Australia have made available to the community. They have impressive Customers loyalty going back over two decades!! They truly are ground breakers in their field & in years to come that will become more apparent & recognised by a wider audience.

– Nat Dodin, Sydney, August 2023 (OEA Customer since 2009!)

Professional Energetic Facilitator & Frequency Practitioner (since 2006) & Accredited Yoga & Meditation Teacher & Guide