Uplifting our Frequencies so Balance, Wellness & Harmony naturally follows 🙂

At Spirit Heart Australia, we believe in the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit. Everything IS Connected.

Elevate Your Well-being with Our Services.

At Spirit Heart Australia, we are dedicated to helping you embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being and vibrational harmony. 

About Spirit Heart Australia

Welcome to Spirit Heart Australia, a sanctuary for vibrational wellness and holistic living. Founded with a deep passion for empowering individuals on their journey to inner harmony and self-discovery, our centre is a beacon of light in the realm of alternative natural therapies.

At Spirit Heart Australia, we envision a world where every person embraces their true vibrational essence and lives in alignment with their highest purpose. We believe that each individual is a unique symphony of energy, and our mission is to assist you in tuning into your highest frequencies. So that you may create & live ur Souls purpose.

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Leaving Nathalies class I always feel a shift in energy then when I first arrived.


Your Journey Begins Here.

Whether you’re seeking inner peace, a deeper connection with your true self, or the tools to navigate a rapidly changing world, Spirit Heart Australia is here to guide you. We invite you to explore our services, discover our transformative products, and become part of a community that values your well-being.

Thank you for choosing Spirit Heart Australia as your partner on this remarkable journey of self-discovery, healing, and vibrational harmony. Together, we’ll unlock the power of frequency resonance and elevate your well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Spirit Heart Australia is a holistic wellness centre that specialises in vibrational wellness, energetic healing, and natural therapies. We offer a range of services and products designed to promote well-being on all levels.

No prior experience is necessary. Our classes are open to all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners.

‘Frequency Resonance’ Healing Facilitations are designed to harmonize your energy frequencies, promoting balance and well-being. You can expect a deep, transformative experience that may include profound shifts in your awareness and energy.

Orgone Effects Australia offers products designed to harmonise and protect your environment from the effects of modern technology and EMF radiation.

You can purchase our products through our online shop.

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